Hello, I'm Leslie.

I'm a UX Designer with a background in library science and psychology. I bring passion, empathy, and understanding to projects.

Portfolio Case Studies


Extend functionality for the BackpackEMR mobile system by designing additional modules that will allow users to better track their work and improve their reporting processes.

backpackemr yearly report

Visual Service

Android mobile app for HVAC professionals in the field working with residential and commercial HVAC systems and desktop app for HVAC contractors in the office to manage a set of technicians in the field.

Bella Scena

Web app bringing together a calendar environment, to-do list functionality, and a brand new approach to organized meetings aimed at creating a calm and effective approach to personal productivity.

ux design
interaction design
user research

UX Design

Interaction Design

User Research

usability testing
ui design
project management

Usability Testing

UI Design

Project Management

information architecture
accessible design

Information Architecture

Accessible Design


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