backpackemr yearly report

Overview & Users

BackpackEMR provides an electronic medical records system aimed at supporting mobile teams who are providing medical care to patients in rural and remote locations. The tablet-based app works without Internet access and patient records are backed up to the cloud when the medical team is back in range of a network.

Key users would be medical and volunteer staff for organizations and groups who travel to areas that don’t often have existing medical clinics or EMR systems. The system allows these users to better track patient care in challenging situations and locations.

backpackemr challenge illustration


The main goal for the project was to extend functionality for the BackpackEMR mobile-based system through the design of additional metrics and notification modules. These modules would provide more efficient tracking of work and therefore achieve better outcomes through an improved reporting process.


Incorporate a metrics dashboard within the BackpackEMR WebAdmin interface that includes access to daily, trip, and yearly data and stats reports for easier dissemination to org/group members, health ministries, & global health care organizations.

Setup a notification system within the BackpackEMR Primary Care, Orthopedic, & future modules that would allow referral, follow up, & other notes to be saved and sent to other worldwide health care organizations and groups.

backpackemr solution illustration

Methods & Deliverables

Comparing Competitor Features

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis was undertaken to gather background information and look at features and processes of other similar electronic medical record systems in use. This process was important to gain an understanding about what some medical missions or campaigns are currently using in the field as well as to help us develop ideas about possibilities for the BackpackEMR system.

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Brainstorming Initial Designs & Flows


Initial sketches included several iterations of possible metrics dashboard screens. These iterations of varying charts were discussed with the BackpackEMR software engineer to gain a broader understanding about how many development hours would be involved with each iteration. This sketch brainstorming provided ideas for future wireframes.

sketch of a line chart interface
sketch of a bar chart interface
sketch of a double chart interface
sketch of a dashboard interface
sketch of a yearly summary interface

Examining the Typical Journey

Journey Map

A journey map was created for this project to examine existing processes related to tracking and reporting using BackpackEMR as well as to look at future possibilities for tracking and reporting within the system. The exploration included delving into the probable thoughts, actions, feelings, and questions of those using the BackpackEMR system. The future or ideal experience of these same users was also examined with areas of opportunity for features in BackpackEMR highlighted.

journey map showing the path of a medical professional in the field

Analyzing Feature Desires

grid showing a kano analysis of survey results

Kano Analysis

A questionnaire containing sample sketches of possible modules was created and sent to a set of BackpackEMR users. The survey responses were analyzed by a small group of designers using an evaluation table consistent with the Kano Model. Based on this analysis, we had a better understanding of customer satisfaction with each of the proposed product features listed in the survey. One of the important findings from this process was that a metrics module or dashboard was a highly desirable feature that could be considered for future development within the BackpackEMR system.

Creating Screen Outlines & Layouts


The first goal for wireframing was to create metrics dashboard screen examples. A metrics dashboard would provide daily, trip, and yearly statistics for medical teams to analyze. These statistics would then be used by the organization and disseminated to other organizations, donor groups, ministries of health, and worldwide health care organizations.

The second wireframing goal centered around creating a new notification system which would help with referrals and follow up care for patients. This feature would allow notes from providers to be sent to other organizations and groups providing care in the same location or to larger groups like ministries of health or worldwide health care organizations as appropriate.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard serves as a home base for each health organization. These organizations can see an overview of their trips organized by campaign location and then by date.

backpackemr wireframe admin dashboard
backpackemr wireframe daily report

Daily Reports

The Daily Reports section was created to provide data analysis charts for each day of the particular campaign. For example, the organization would be able to see number of patient visits by gender on any given day.

Trip Reports

Trip Reports offer a broader glance at charts providing a view of data and statistics by the length of the campaign.

backpackemr wireframe trip report
backpackemr wireframe yearly report

Yearly Reports

With Yearly Reports, data and statistics would show charts and numbers to summarize and organization’s activities throughout a particular year.


With the Notify feature for the admin module, organization members could choose to send messages to other health organizations who might be providing additional care to a particular patient in the future.

backpackemr wireframe notify screen

Project Summary

The purpose of this brief project was to provide functionality ideas for BackpackEMR’s admin module. After initial user research activities, wireframes were created to provide the client team with some initial feature options to consider for future development.

backpackemr yearly report

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