Hi, my name is Leslie Mollner.

I’m currently developing a web design and development portfolio as well as working through a handful of online programming, visual design, and user experience courses. In the meantime, I occasionally write short stories and entries here on my blog.

A little more about me:

  • I’m proud to be a Minnesotan. I’ve lived here in Minnesota for all but 3 years of my life in the capital city of Saint Paul and in the suburb of Cottage Grove. (I spent 1 year in upstate New York working and 2 in Wisconsin for graduate school at UW-Madison.) At the same time, I’m also proud to have been to 49 of the 50 United States so far. Alaska is my last state to visit, hopefully I’ll get there soon.
  • I was a librarian for 13 years. I worked at a small college here in St Paul, Minnesota. Lots of research, teaching students and other college community members, and working with both print and digital collections. I got my start in web design during my time as a librarian. I found myself collaborating to maintain and develop the library’s website. I also spent a few years helping with the college’s website as well.
  • In a “previous life,” I went to school to be a sports psychologist. I loved my time in the Kinesiology, Recreation, & Leisure Studies department at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. My sports participation background includes gymnastics as I described above but I was also a springboard diver in high school and a soccer player in the summers. I coached gymnastics for 1 year at the private club level and 3 years at the Division III college level.
  • My husband and I have two beagles who are sisters named Georgie & Peanut. They love cuddling together, as you can see below.

my two beagles cuddling together