Soliloquy to Saint Paul

I’m coming to you from the stupendous, most liveable city in the U.S., Saint Paul, in the marvelous Northern/Midwestern state of Minnesota.

Answers to a Few Questions, An Ode to Saint Paul

I’m learning about being a front end developer and infographic/data visualization designer. If you’ve been here before you’ll note that I’ve been at this for awhile, but I’ve also had a long-term illness so bear with me.

Please excuse my “horrifying sandbox” webpage/website for now. A lot of WordPress learning and testing is going on here. Someday, I dream it will be beautiful. Of course, I also dream to one day meet King Tut, wish that one could come true! Love that Ancient Egypt stuff. Let’s hope the first dream becomes a reality, seems a bit more realistic.

In the meantime, if you came here to
to get in touch with me, let me know:

I am also a user (student) of the following, though not necessarily an extremely “active” user…

  • Dribbble (Proud to be a pro member, but definitely NOT a prospect at this point, as you can see from this site.)
  • Github (I just have a Micro account, don’t even know how to fork yet.)
  • Creative Market (Looking forward to helping people through Lovely Heart Creative, coming “soon” to a theater near you.)
  • Twitter (Gosh, I suck at Twitter, and Facebook too for that matter, so you’ll often see auto tweets from me as I sign up for all sorts of cool web design & dev apps, software, goods, content, graphics, sales, deals, beta apps, etc. I hope to tweet some stuff about Ancient Egypt, Saint Paul, the Twin Cities, Minnesota, traveling, movies, Star Wars (episode 7, here we come), music, books, history, archaeology, coloring & art for adults, swimming in lakes, pools, seas, oceans, all of the above, education & learning, trying to be kind, respectful, empathetic, loving, & helpful to others, being a pretty severe liberal, libraries of all sorts, academic research, women’s athletics, & the best sport in the world, gymnastics!)
  • Facebook (Note: see Twitter entry above. Brief repeat, I suck at posting on Facebook. I promise I’ll try harder, with all of the above.)

Official Site Business

  • First, get rid of that enormous “Blog” heading at the top of the page. Damn, wish I knew some of that PHP stuff.
  • Second, updating to a better color for my hover & active link states. I know I can do this one, it’s just that the big “Blog” at the top is driving me crazy!
  • Third, working on some typography and other site color choices.
  • Fourth, obviously working on updating everything else and learning a lot while I do it.
  • Fifth, hmmm, maybe I’ll even start a blog. Does WordPress work well for that kind of thing?


Yeah, I know I’m corny and odd and I write like I am talking out loud to myself. Which I am most of the time anyway so why not write it down?!